The once dying art of pinstripin is now a very popular art form. You can go to many traditional car shows and find a number of young guys striping anything they can get their hands on. Some guys are good and some, well, need more practice. T.J. Pagano is one of the good ones. T.J. is very talented when it comes to pinstriping. Being a young guy he is blessed with creativity and has already been honored the Tommy the Greek award in 2006.

While T.J. explained how having hot rods and customs at his house his entire life inspired him to pinstripe he also mentioned, "This may sound weird, but I also think my mothers passing had something to do with it." When he was younger T.J. learned about architecture and art from his mother. He was very intriqued with the lines, precision, and symmetry in architecture. So intrigued that T.J. went to school to learn more about architecture, but while in school he became more inlove with hot rods. He eventually started to work on cars and in 2003, right before his mothers passing, T.J. tried his hand in pinstriping, he striped everything he could get his hands on. Everything he striped became better and better than the last.
Text courtesy Juan Espinoza Jr.
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